Amazon Affiliate Program: Easy way to earn money sitting at home

Amazon Affiliate Program, itself is called Amazon Affiliate, and Amazon Associates, we easily sign up an account by visiting the Amazon website, as soon as we complete the account signup,

then we get instant approval and an Amazon affiliate link on our site which can be a banner and link image and we can use that link with the help of any article, using HTML code, this link is in a way Amazon is a product that you have to sell, the job is yours.

Your article falls on the website, then he sees this banner, then if he clicks on your link, he reaches the website of Amazon when he buys that product and you get his commission.

We will cover you step by step all the topics you need to know as an Amazon Associates. In this, we will explain to you by showing you the screenshot so that you do not have to face any problems. Let us go about some topics

what is the amazon affiliate program ?

Amazon Affiliate Program in 10 minutes

and Amazon Affliate Marketing program that joins is called amazon associates, in this, through its blog website youtube app, whatever it is, it links to Amazon affiliate program which is an HTML or images The code is found in the formate, links to his website, blog and sells the product of Amazon and a commission of that product is folded, which is given to amazon associates, like Amazon Affiliate

amazon affiliate program sign up

amazon affiliate program sign up

for an amazon affilate program is very easy, we understand it completely, first of all, we have to go to its website amazon. com and we will make a signup account for this, we will need an email, a mobile number, which we have shown you in the photo

amazon affiliate program sign up

In this, you will also have to fill in the details of your blog website, and even if you run the application, you will have to fill its information and you will also have to fill in the name of your domain and you will have to fill the relative of your blog in the category if you are technically your blog or If there is a website then you have to tell that Mari website works on a topic like the game or technical computer, etc so that you can get affiliate marketing program link like your content and when you fill the complete form then you will get a member of amazon affiliate Or you are called amazon associates, in this, you are given a unique Associate ID. And through which you can generate your product link, this is your tracking unique Associate ID. And in this, you also have to give your bank details.

amazon affiliate program requirements

Before making an amazon affiliate program, you have to do this which is as follows


  1. Make Your Blog or YouTube Channel and Application any or all of these
  2. Enter your account information.
  3. Enter your website address.
  4. Enter your preferred store ID.
  5. Explain how you drive traffic to your site.
  6. Choose your payment method.
  7. Create Amazon Affiliate links.

1 Make Your Blog or YouTube Channel and Application any or all of these

First of all, you should have a blog website or YouTube account or an application on which you want to have traffic or create a YouTube channel or go to Blogspot for free and create a blog for free if you want to know. About the blog website, then you must read this article by #1

2 Enter your account information.

First, you have to fill in the information about yourself (including the name, address, and phone number of the payee)

amazon affiliate program requirements

3 Enter your website domain name ya youtube channel name

Enter your website domain name ya youtube channel name

4 Enter your preferred store ID

Enter your preferred store ID (you can create whatever you want to create, such as the domain name of your blog or you can also enter your channel name), explain what your websites hope to achieve, and select Amazon topics that your links will potentially target.

Enter your preferred store ID

5 Explain how you drive traffic to your site

In this you have to understand how traffic comes to your website and how much it comes, you simply fill 5000k visitor comes on our website and there is no problem on sam youtube if you don’t have traffic then you can do that. information can be filled.

6 Choose your payment method

You can also skip this when you have and after filling your account it will appear in front of your display like this and you can promote the amazon link from your account.

It is very easy to generate the link of amazon affiliate marketing and you can log in to your account affiliate and go inside it, you can generate the link by clicking on the option of getting a link, this image is like the banner short link

How does the Amazon Affiliate program work?

Amazon Affiliate Program Its job is to give the link of the product to its amazon associates, an amazon associate, by opening their account and generating the amazon link in an HTML format, and promoting amazon’s product on their website. This can be like a banner, we can speak in simple words amazon associates, sells their amazon product and amazon pays the commission to that product, it works like this

If you want to know about the Amazon program in 10 minutes then read this article

how much does amazon affiliate marketing pay?

Amazon Marketing gives you a commission by looking at the product and one of its categories, the commission of each category is different, this will help you to understand everything through the chart.

amazon affiliate program fixed commission pay

You will log in to this Amazon marketing website, then by clicking on the option of commission income payment below your help option, you can know how much commission is payable by amazon affiliate marketing programs

if you want know learn affiliate in hindi click here

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