How To Start A Blog in 2021 |how to make money blogging

how to start a blog In this article, you will be know how to make a blog in 2021, and I will resolve your any question here about Blog so you will know easy how to make a blog In 2021 And with this how to make money blogging let’s go |

Must read this before creating a blog-

If you think that we can earn more money from the blog by working offline, you are thinking right, you can earn a lot of money like a boss by creating your own blog and can make your life more fun | how to start blog 

And we should have a lot of information to make a good blog, which I have told everything in this article,

How To Start A Blog TIPS 

which will help you in every way to make a good blog, this article and you should read this post carefully so that you How to make a blog that can be created easily |Some things to keep in mind before starting a blog

how to make a blog
how to make a blog

First of all, for which category do you want to create a blog, like if you have a hobby of cooking or you are fond of traveling, whether you are interested in technology like a mobile laptop computer, whatever your hobby is, you are interested in that category You can create a blog and you will have the advantage that when you work on the blog, you will learn HOW TO MAKE A BLOG by reading the complete article.

you will enjoy working and you will not have any problem in blogging and if you do not know anything and you are making a blog to earn money So it doesn’t matter. how to make a blog

You just have to do a little work, read a lot of information with the help of the internet and then you will not face any kind of trouble from working in the blog, in this article everything is kept from the point of view of one man. But if you want to succeed soon then you have to work very hard. in  How To Start A Blog,

how to make a blog, what should we keep in mind?

how to make a Blog-For this, we should keep many things in mind, it is like what kind of blog we have to make and what is the best topic we have to take for our blog? 

First of all, you have to think about which name you buy a domain and after that, you must read these things carefully, all this is going to be useful for you. 

NOTE- You can buy from any domain provider, but take hosting from a good provider so that there is no problem of saver going forward.HOW TO MAKE A BLOG

Here are the steps to start a blog:

  1. Choose a good topic for the Blog
  2. Choose the Best Platform for Blog
  3. Which domain name to take and choose hosting for your Blog 
  4. how to install WordPress on your blog. 
  5. best WordPress theme
  6. Set up the blog design
  7. install best WordPress plugins
  8.  SEO friendly 
  9. write your first blog post
  10. monetize your blog
  11. how to drive traffic to your blog

Choose a good topic for the Blog

how to make a blog, we should take a good topic like you should know that like you choose a low topic like if you make a blog about leather,

then you should blog about any product made from it like wallet belt purse, etc. So that you get a good topic from which you can reach your blog to the people of the country and abroad.

Like if you are thinking of making a technical blog, then a lot comes in technical, so you should become a low blog, you can review your audience about mobile and give full details about it.

The meaning of saying is that you work on a good low topic. how to make a blog

Choose the Best Platform for Blog

Are you looking for how to make a blog, of your own, but don’t know how to choose the best blogging platform? This is a tough choice because there are so many different blogging platforms out there. How do you find out which one is right for you?

In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of the most popular blogging sites to help you choose the best blogging platform.
-Constant Contact Website Builder

they best platform for a blog you can visit their site

Which domain name to take and choose hosting for your Blog 

If you want to take the name of a domain, then know a little, take the name of the domain in such a way that the name of your blog is a keyword that can rank on Google as the content of your blog when you take the domain, then you will need a hosting So that you will get approval to run your blog on internet.

Bluehost is the best domain and hosting provider and You can go to a domain provider whose server and costume service is very good so that you can buy a domain and hosting in your budget.

bluehost  hosting

You can buy a good plan Bluehost is the world’s best hosting and domain provider company, which you will get good service and website saver in work budget, so the blog will never be both from the server. you can buy here and this month best offer deal one month basic hosting free with 1-year domain + then hurry up now buy click here there more deals for you enjoy

After domain and hopsting you have to do these things-

When you buy Domain Operator Hosting, then you have to log in inside your hosting and you will go to File Manager Domain Settings and on that you will install WordPress.

how to install WordPress on your blog-

how to make a blog

how To create a blog, first we have to install WordPress, this installation is very easy, by using it you will write the name of your blog title on it. First of all,

you will open the website from the provider from which you have purchased your hosting and will do the sin in After this you will click on the hosting manager that you have purchased your hosting such as WordPress or Webhosting click manager option You can easily install WordPress by going to File Manager.

best WordPress theme-

To make a good blog, we need a good theme so that we can make our blog Google Friendly, Mobile Friendly, and SEO Friendly Theme and its speed is good, it opens quickly, we get many such themes on WordPress.

We can use them even for free and we can use them by buying some of us, but in this article, we want to tell you about the best themes for free so that you do not have to pay any extra money. There is a theme that is mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly theme and their speed is very good.

you can use this theme for this free seo friendly and mobile seo friendly theme.

install best WordPress plugins-

In WordPress, when we install the theme, then we need plugins and have to install the best plugin for a blog so that no blog will face any problem.In this article, I will tell you the names of few plugins so that you do not have to face any problems.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2.  UpdraftPlus
  3. Optimal
  4. Revive Old Post
  5. WP Rocket
  6. Elementor
  7. WPForms

You can install all these plugins in your WordPress.

write your first blog post-

Friends, when your blog is created, then we have to write an article for our blog, when the problem comes when we write the first article because we do not know how the article is written and how to rank it on Google. Everything runs in our mind, in this article you will be told how to write a post.

When you write an article, you need a keyword which is your focus keyphrase keyword and you write an article according to your keyword, you want to know how to write the post SEO friendly.

you need to read this post for more information relative this click here on-page SEO: Some easy methods for that you should know

monetize your blog-

It is very easy to monetize your blog, by creating your account on Google Adsense, you can talk to your blog on it, but keep in mind that first, you write 10 hr or 20hr post articles on your blog,

after that, you apply for Google Adsense. Don’t worry, if your website blog is mobile-friendly, then your website or blog will go to Google Adsense Approval in 24 hours. Click here
5 Easy Ways To Approve Google Adsense Account In 3 Hours? in 2021

how to drive traffic to your blog

You will have to do a lot of work for the traffic lane on the website, you have to choose good keywords which have a lot of monthly searches and always choose the competitor.

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