PUBG Mobile ESP Hack 1.4.0 Season 19 | 100% rank push conqueror PUBG

PUBG Mobile ESP Hack 1.4.0 Season 19, 100% rank push winner you can or make esp is 100% safe so you should not complete the whole article


Which device support this mobile PUBG ESP

this MOBILE PUBG ESP support all the device handset android and ios and if you are mobile phone non-root device and

rooted mobile phone

you can use this mobile ESP but rooted device handset phone users you direct with out any problem but they need use DNS application and they can use with out ban see problem face this ESP antiban


they users have non-root phone then they need no-root firewall application.

they can use for MOBILE ESP PUBG, so i am giving you a link they you can install this application direct phone in device ya

you can search on google play store and put keyword no-root firewall then you can see there this application and install it and

you need 4 application that then for use mobile pubg esp, like solo VPN if you have other VPN you can use and archiver application for extract file and no root firewall application.



your phone is a rooted device then simple you can install mobile pubg esp and first open solo VPN and use Korea severs

and connect you pubg KR virus mobile pubg and connect your pubg mobile to twitter or can log in like Facebook but

if you connect with mobile pubg id Facebook then you need to delete your Facebook application first after login then no problem and

the user who is Twitter then simple they can log in and it doesn’t login mobile esp Gmail id and background first use solo VPN

when to connect your id open pubg mobile game then disconnect network solo VPN

nowadays 80% of players in pubg game push their rank by using esp. have been



NON ROOT phone users need solo VPN, and Z Archiver application, and no root firewall application this application.

you can find play store and install the application after original mobile pubg game apk KR version all resource pake and maps install because after

you cant any install maps then first install all maps skin car skin gun and clothes after you use Z Archiver and goto file folder and find the android folder and goto data and find com. pubg.krmobile

and rename name this put 1 like example com.pubg.krmobile1 after goto data folder and find com.pubg.krmobile and same word use com.pubg.krmobile1 after uninstalling pubg mobile

and install mobile pubg esp i give link then all install after goto Z Archiver and goto android folder same before change name

then rename name do same before type com.pubg.krmobile obb folder and data folder same word use because your data do not go lose then

you can open solo VPN application and connected Korea sever use and open mobile pubg game an log in id Twitter and Facebook if

you are id facebook then first delete you Facebook application after login pubg mobile id game then you will see with esp logo and

after all stop and disconnect solo VPN network and simple open game and still not play the game

only wait now open no- root firewall application and import I give you video then watch for you easy for all do simple

( note- when you open game then first you open game after open beckground no-rootfire wall aplliaction and start and watch video then you will all right understand

all file click here and install

mobile ESP RSD APK install here

password MOBILE ESP RSD APK click here

no root fire wall import file click here

noo root fire wall import file password click here

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when open then need put key then this key put after all fine

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(note – i want to say clearly my website not say you use any esp for cheat mobile pubg game but this only for information then you can use this depend for you )

this esp 100% working .

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